Intellectual property is the currency of the information age. Whether it’s the trade secrets of a hedge fund’s algorithms, the copyrights or patents underlying the smart phone, or the trademarks that protect well-known brands, intellectual property bastes the modern economy. Brimming with entertaining anecdotes drawn from real life cases gone awry, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: MONEY AND POWER IN A NEW ERA elucidates a confusing subject and arms readers with the tools they need to prevent common—and costly—mistakes in everyday business interactions. Intellectual property law impacts virtually all modern businesses; this book will equip those individuals and companies looking to compete and survive into today’s technology-driven economy.

Alexandre Montagu brings to life the most contemporary issues with significant and captivating court cases. Intellectual property law shapes and impacts everything from fashion to music and movies, and from information technology to privacy and confidentiality. Sprinkled with amusing vignettes drawn from actual cases, this book entertains while it educates the reader on how to prevent or win litigation, train employees, and strategize marketing and advertising campaigns. It is vital for the creation of any business plan and should be found on the shelf of anyone thinking of starting their own company, building a website, or crafting a creative work.

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