Trademark Services:
MontaguLaw offers the busy in-house counsel with fast and cost-effective trademark help. We can help consolidate and manage your trademark portfolio.  Just like any member of your company’s core legal department, we’ll be there to help search and clear the marks for products and services you market and sell around the world.  To learn more about the various trademark services the attorneys at MontaguLaw can provide,
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Patents & Copyrights:
We can assist with all aspects of U.S. and international patents and copyrights, including the filing and prosecution of patent applications and enforcement of registered patents. Our focus is to identify our clients’ respective patent and copyright needs and work with our worldwide network of agents and attorneys to implement a cost-effective strategy that suits our clients’ needs.  To learn more,
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Domains Management Services:
Domain names are a very important part of any company’s intellectual property portfolio.  With developments in Internet technology, the world wide web is fast becoming the first place people turn to when researching your company, its brands and services.  Without a sound registration and maintenance strategy your trademarks and desired domains may be registered and held hostage by cyber-squatters.  Not sure where to begin?  Don’t want to get carried away and find yourself quickly over-budget when registering and maintaining a global domains portfolio? Let us help you manage your domains with a cost-effective strategy that gives your company the protection it needs at reasonable costs.  To learn more about our dedicated domains management team,
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The attorneys at MontaguLaw have experience drafting and negotiating licensing agreements; from trademark and copyright licensing agreements to data distribution and value added reseller agreements to the most complex global manufacturing and store agreements.  In a bind? Need to free up some of your resources for larger projects? We can help.  To learn more,
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