Let us conduct a thorough analysis of your existing trademark portfolio, and work with your company to develop a cost-effective approach to maintaining and renewing your registrations. Time and money are wasted when existing trademark registrations are renewed with respect to products or services that are no longer in use, while key product names sometimes go uncleared or unregistered as trademarks, exposing the company to the substantial threat of trademark infringement litigation.  As a member of your legal team, we will develop a comprehensive database of all marks in your portfolio and identify key contact personnel within the company who can provide the necessary information for submitting filings or signing the appropriate paperwork. Our robust docketing and reminder system will ensure that deadlines are in hand.

In many jurisdictions outside of the United States, the publication or other disclosure of an invention prior to filing a patent application results in the loss of all patent protection.  To avoid the loss of these critical rights get advice early on in the strategic filing process.  Patent applications can be costly, considerably more expensive than a trademark or copyright filing, and the process of securing patent rights can take several years.  Therefore, it is even more important to start early in the process to ensure that budgets are correctly allocated to get the most protection for the least amount of money.  We can help with the process.  We can help your company plan and budget accordingly and prevent and avoid costly surprises.

Whether it’s computer software, blogs, a literary work or sheet music, we can assist and advise you in protecting the copyright in your work and licensing your work to others to generate a revenue stream.

If you operate a website, we can advise you how to minimize your liability to third-parties with respect to materials posted on your website and guide you to avoid violating other people’s copyrights in your online operations.