Many companies forget to consider the effect a press release may have online.  When two large companies announce merger negotiations, within a week, if not hours, a third-party will quickly and easily register domains using the two companies’ names, trademarks and/or any names that might have been used in the press release to identify the new company, its products and services.

The attorneys at MontaguLaw have been able to resolve disputes over domains using a wide range of strategies.  We have experience using online brokers to assist with transactions with third-party domain registered owners and have secured many domains on behalf of our clients.

In other cases, when third-parties prove to be uncooperative, or unconvinced in your company’s rights to the domain at issue, we can help by filing a UDRP complaint with the ICANN registry for gTLDs and other registries for ccTLDs.

Proper planning and a sound domain registration strategy before press releases and public announcements can help save costs.  What might otherwise cost $10 to register may later cost the company thousands of dollars just to get back.