MontaguLaw maintains a portfolio of hundreds of domains on behalf of its clients.  We maintain the registrations up to date and keep our clients informed of upcoming renewals to give them the opportunity to reassess the need for particular registrations and consider transferring a particular domain to other accounts to reduce costs.

We can advise on how to register and maintain domains tailored to your business needs.  For some domains, the increased costs of registering with a full-service domain provider may make more sense, but why pay more to maintain domains that simply point back to another?  We will keep a domains management strategy that is more cost-effective.

Domains are often acquired through mergers of one company into another.  Often, valuable domains are acquired but never put to use.  We can help sell popular domains you don’t need or use.

Want to know what third-parties are registering with your trademark or brand name?  We can monitor new domain registrations which contain your company’s name, services or products.  We will identify potential cyber-squatters and enforce your intellectual property rights over the Internet.